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10/06/2020 | 06:00PM - 06:45PM

Location: Online

No Room required


Technology Training

Tech Skills for Mid-Career, Session II

Intro to Python

Introduction to Computer Science for people entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce, or in the workforce. This class takes a top-down approach, emphasizing mastery of high-level concepts with hand on practice with easy to follow tutorials.
This course is based on the popular 
CS50 online course from Harvard University. The virtual class provides students’ opportunities to discuss and ask questions during class and get real-time help. Students are encourage to exercise self-learning, explore, imagination and craft their own path. This class is a combination of lecture, tutorials and self-pace practice. The class will draw material from a popular class offered by Dr. David J. Malan at Harvard University called CS50 and CS50B and other proven methods. The class aims to give students basic skills and knowledge to start writing/reading code and enable students to be ready to join more rigorous and advanced classes.

This is a 4 part class, meeting every Tuesday, a new skill each month.

Week 1.1: October 6 Tools and Gears

Week 1.2: October 13 Intro to Python I

Week 1.3:  October 20 Intro to Python II

Week 1.7: October 27 Intro to Python III

Goal of the class: students will able to use a compiler to write code and execute Python code. Students will able to write and run simple programs while using loops. conditionals, functions and variables. Develop basic debugging skills. Provide resources to allow students to further their skills on their own.  

Class Duration: 45 min

Pre-requisites: be comfortable with computers and internet, independent learner, basic familiarity with Computer Science introductory concepts: loops, data types, conditional statement, and functions. Be able to read and write pseudocode.

Registrations required. 

This class is free, students are encouraged to have a Gmail account and a Google drive account. The class requires all students to join the class Slack Channel and create a Github account. It is reccommended that students create an account and enroll to audit to take CS50B to have access to the videos and lessons. Students should enroll as "audit" to be able to access the course for free on 

The first class will cover all the different tools and gears needed for the class. Here the entire list. 

Classes will be held on Zoom or YouTube Live. A link will be shared to registered students before class.  

  • To follow along with the virtual class, we suggest to have two devices or two monitors during the class. On one device you can watch the class and on the other you can  use the applications.

All website and account resources mentioned above are FREE.