QuickBooks Online III

QuickBooks Online III

01/17/2019 | 06:30PM - 08:30PM

Computer Training Center

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QuickBooks Online III

January Registration Deadline: December 19th!

Course Description:

Learn how to use the QuickBooks Online Customers Center to add, import, edit, merge, and delete customers. Learn how to record sales transactions by creating and customizing sales receipts and invoices. Also learn how to receive customer payments, record a bank deposit, and create customer/sales reports.


QuickBooks Online II. The QuickBooks courses must be taken as a series, this course cannot be taken separately.


The cost of the license from Labyrinth Learning is $40 and gives you access to an eBook as well as a trial subscription to QuickBooks Online. The license fee covers the registration cost for the entire series.

Please see the QuickBooks Online I event page for event information and registration.

QuickBooks Online III