Strong Bones for a Lifetime

Strong Bones for a Lifetime

05/29/2019 | 07:00PM - 08:00PM

Meeting Room 3


Just for the Health of It

Osteoporosis means “porous bone,” and looks like low bone mass related to your entire skeleton.  In the United States, 54 million people have osteoporosis and low bone mass; placing one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 at increased risk for fracture.  Fractures often result in a decreased quality of life, limited mobility and the potential need for nursing home care.
Strong Bones for a Lifetime is an educational program for individuals to learn more about the prevention, management and treatment of osteoporosis.  This program will educate individuals on how to prevent fractures and how to maintain or build stronger bones. Individuals will learn about calcium and vitamin D, physical activity and falls prevention.  Current treatments for osteoporosis will also be discussed. 

Dr. Kathleen T. Morgan is Professor in the Family and Community Health Sciences Department, Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Rutgers University. Dr. Morgan has expertise in the areas of health, nutrition, advancing health equities, women’s health, osteoporosis prevention and healthy communities. She is serving on the Ambassador’s Leadership Council for the National Osteoporosis Foundation to Advocate for osteoporosis prevention. Dr. Morgan’s goal is to improve the health of individuals, families and communities through health promotion efforts and reducing chronic disease. 

Registration is required for this free program. To register, call 732-390-6767 or go online to

Sponsored by Rutgers Cooperative Extension and the library's Just for the Health of It! initiative to promote community health and wellness.

Strong Bones for a Lifetime