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11/06/2018 | 06:30PM - 08:00PM

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Social Media: LinkedIn

Learn how to use the popular professional networking site LinkedIn to build a group of contacts to help advance your career. Learn how to create an account and profile and how to make connections. Learn about skills, endorsements, and recommendations which can showcase your qualifications to potential employers. Also learn about participating in a professional community through groups, messages, and followers as well as how to search and find jobs on LinkedIn.


Basic computer skills as well as experience using the Internet. Participants will also need to log in and confirm their email address to be able to register for LinkedIn.


Intro level classes are free to both LMxAC cardholders and non LMxAC-cardholders.

Cancelation Policy

Fees for computer class registrations are NOT refundable; However, if circumstances dictate that the library must cancel a class, registration fees for enrolled students are refundable.

If You Cannot Attend

If you cannot attend a class for which you have registered, the library would ask that (as a courtesy to other registrants who may be waitlisted for that class) you call 732-390-6767 to cancel your registration or cancel your registration online so that others might have the opportunity to attend.

Waitlisted Registrants

Waitlisted registrants will be notified by email and/or telephone as soon as there is a vacancy in a class. They will have 24 hours to respond to the notification. If they do not respond within that time frame, the next person on the waiting list will be notified. Once a commitment to attend has been made, that registration is subject to the same cancelation policy noted above. Waitlisted registrants do not pay unless there is a cancelation and they are officially admitted to the class.

Please call the Information Desk at 732-390-6767 for more information.

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Social Media: LinkedIn...NEW!