Quickbooks in the Cloud

01/09/2019 | 06:30PM - 08:30PM

Meeting Room 2

Adults, Adults

BRC, Business Training, Technology Training

Quickbooks in the Cloud

A Free Workshop from SCORE

Description:  This workshop provides basic training in the use of QuickBooks accounting software in the cloud. Through a lecture and demonstration format, you’ll get an overview of how to effectively use QuickBooks from the perspective of a small business owner. We will approach the subject as a sales process, including how to track customers, sales, income, expenses, deposits, payments, etc. 

This is an interactive session, and participants are encouraged to bring a fully-charged laptop and download QuickBooks Online via a free 30-day trial from to get hands-on experience during the class. We will be using the Essentials version in class, but you can compare various versions at to select the most appropriate one for your business.


Presenter Bio:  Dr. Bala Subramanian is a highly experienced management consultant with a versatile business background, teaching and managing diverse and complex technologies in business and industry. He is the Owner/CEO of Synergism, Inc. and previously was Associate Professor of Business Information Systems at DeVry University.

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