SCORE:Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property--What Every SB Owner Needs to Know

04/17/2019 | 06:30PM - 08:30PM

Meeting Room 2


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Intellectual Property: What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

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Description:  Every business necessarily creates valuable intellectual property, and as a business grows more successful, that intellectual property will increase in value.  Intellectual property assets are the lifeblood of a business and unless proactive measures are undertaken to protect and defend those assets, a business may lose its rights to its property.

This seminar will discuss the many forms of intellectual property generated by a business – such as trademarks, trade secrets, copyright material, patentable inventions, and more – and how to properly protect and defend that property. Depending on the form of intellectual property, specific actions must be taken to preserve the property and prevent its loss to third parties or the public domain.  All business owners should understand these rights and how to protect what may be the company’s most valuable assets.

Included in the discussion will be the procedures to register the property with the applicable government agencies, the rights granted by such registrations, how to safeguard from employee theft, dealing with third party consultants, what to do in the event of infringement, misappropriation or unlawful disclosure, and more.

Presenter Bio:  Richard A. Catalina, Jr., Esq. is an intellectual property and technology attorney with almost 28 years of experience.  Richard is a registered U.S. patent attorney and Certified Licensing Professional™. 

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SCORE:Intellectual Property