Survivors of Kristallnacht

80 Year Perspective from Two Childhood Survivors of Kristallnacht

02/26/2019 | 07:00PM - 08:30PM

Meeting Room 2 , Meeting Room 1



East Brunswick residents Eugene and Ruth Gottlieb, both child survivors of Kristallnacht, discuss their perspective and experiences. As immigrants to the US, they had to absorb the revelations that family members had been lost, as well as adjust to a new country with its own language and culture.

Eugene Gottlieb, author of “From a Wine Barrel and Chicken Coops to Silicon on Sapphire” shares the story of hiding in a wine barrel during Kristallnacht, immigrating to Woodbine, NJ, a community that had welcomed immigrants since the 1800s, where he was raised on a poultry farm, and ultimately become a scientist.  Dr. Gottlieb will also discuss some of the ramifications of Kristallnacht.

His wife, Ruth Heilbronn Gottlieb, author of “Once We Had a Country” retells her experience of the Nazi’s breaking into her home during the first night of Kristallnact and terrorizing her and her mother.  She and her mother then immigrated to the US to join her father.  The message from Ruth’s book is especially meaningful for children displaced by catastrophe who must adjust to new lives without knowing the language and culture.  Ruth taught in the East Brunswick school system for many years.

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Survivors of Kristallnacht