QuickBooks Online II

QuickBooks Online II

06/08/2019 | 09:30AM - 11:30AM

Computer Training Center

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QuickBooks Online II

June Registration Deadline: May 28th

Course Description:

Learn how to plan and create a company file using the QBO setup checklist. Learn how to set up and customize a company file including a chart of accounts and products/services. Also learn how to add and manage users and enter opening balances and/or historical transactions.


QuickBooks Online I. The QuickBooks courses must be taken as a series, this course cannot be taken separately.


The cost of the license from Labyrinth Learning is $40 and gives you access to an eBook as well as a trial subscription to QuickBooks Online. The license fee covers the registration cost for the entire series.

Please see the QuickBooks Online I event page for event information and registration.

QuickBooks Online II