SCORE ONLINE: Small Business Financials

10/14/2020 | 06:30PM - 08:30PM

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BRC, Business Training

Small Business Financials - Budget & Cash Management

A Free SCORE Princeton Webinar

Shuoyi Portelli will share Small Business financial management guidelines around budgeting and cash management, and some easy tools you can use to achieve these.
? Budget - regardless of the size of the business, your budget should always be carefully drafted; budgets set the target and help you evaluate the performance
? Cash management – Invoicing practices, cash receipt timing to minimize any delays while monitoring due dates to help the business owners reserve the maximum amount of cash on hand
? Tools to monitor- invest in accounting software, for example, QuickBooks, and here are the benefits-
1. Clear cash situation
2. Financial position
3. Tax preparation records

Presenter: Shuoyi Portelli is an accounting/finance professional with over ten years of experience in public and private firms. Through her practices, she has helped her department provide strong accounting services to the company, and train and mentor the employees not only in accounting related skills but also in strong business acumen.

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