Postponed: 3D DICE Team Club

Grand Opening of EBPL First 3D Printing Club Design, Innovate, Create, Educate with 3D Printing

03/28/2020 | 01:00PM - 04:00PM

EB Create Space

Tweens, Tweens

EB Create, EB Create, Kids, Technology Training

New 3D DICE Team Club (3D Printing),. The goals of the club are to "Design, Innovate, Create, Educate". Our Teen Volunteer and Founder of the DICE Team, Aditya Dutt, will show you how to design and print using the EBPL 3D Printer. The club will show you how to use TinkerCad to generate 3D printing models. Participants will have the chance to see the EBPL Prusa MK2 S 3D printer in action and print their creations.

Only EBPL authorized personnel will able to operate 3D Printing equipment.

Club meets on the last Saturday of the Month.

Who:  Grades 3-6

Level:  This workshop is designed for patrons who can navigate a laptop or iPad and would love to learn software to create 3D models for our new printer in a friendly and fun environment. 

Fees: Free

Cancelation Policy

Fees for computer class registrations are NOT refundable; However, if circumstances dictate that the library must cancel a class, registration fees for enrolled students are refundable.

If You Cannot Attend

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Waitlisted Registrants

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Please call the Information Desk at 732-390-6767 for more information.

Postponed: 3D DICE Team Club