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ONLINE: Mid-Day Meditation

Mid-Day Meditation

04/22/2020 | 12:00PM - 01:00PM

No Room required

Join Lisa from "Lisa's Circle" in Spotswood and learn how to use meditation to help relieve stress and anxiety at home.


This event will be held on the Zoom platform. Please make sure you have the application installed on your computer, iOS, or Android device.


Please plan to join the meeting 10 minutes prior to the program so your device has time to connect.


  • To join our Zoom Meeting click on (or copy/paste) link: https://zoom.us/j/802485207
  • Meeting ID: 802 485 207
  • Password: 98 85 9 4
  • To dial-in via telephone for audio instead of joining the webinar: 929-436-2866



  • Your computer must have a monitor. You do not need a camera or microphone.
  • Click (or copy/paste) this link into a web browser to access the Zoom virtual meeting: https://zoom.us/j/802485207
  • Zoom may ask you to download and install the application file for you to join the meeting. Download and install the file so you can connect to Zoom.
  • To hear the program, you can either use your computer’s speakers or call in using a telephone. Select which one you prefer.
  • If you have a camera & microphone, you will be muted during the program. You will be able to view the presentation and hear it, but you will not be seen or heard.
  • Have a question for the presenter? You can press the Chat button on the bottom of the screen and type you question in the lower right corner. You question will be answered at the end of the program.

ONLINE: Mid-Day Meditation