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Recommended Websites - Immigration


Welcome to our diverse, thriving community! On any given block in East Brunswick, chances are you can hear a variety of languages spoken by your neighbors. That’s because people from all over the world have found the award-winning township to be a comfortable, nurturing place in which to make a home for their families. Check below for information and links to services and organizations that strive to meet the needs of virtually every ethnic group represented in the East Brunswick area. Resources include English as a Second Language classes and tutors, literacy training, immigration assistance, practice US citizenship exam tests, web sites for ethnocentric news and cultural activities, multilingual computing at The Library, and so much more. For any additional needs, we invite you to take advantage of the expertise of The Library's Information Services staff by calling 732-390-6767.

Citizenship Help

Links and test taking aids for those who wish to become citizens.

Cultural Resources

Multicultural links to things to do and places to go centered around East Brunswick and New York but going as far south as Washington DC.

ESL or English as a Second Language Resources

Web sites for practicing your English and grammar skills.

Free Resources for Adults Learning English

Library and non library resources.

Immigration Help

Multilingual Computing

Multilingual text input is available at all of The Library's public computers. For more information please see our page Multilingual Computing at The Library computers

New Immigrants

Resources to help immigrants - both those immigrant who are here legally and illegally.

Translation Aids

Web sites that can help you translate text. The translation from these sites is only a very rough translation.