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About East Brunswick

One of the fastest growing suburban areas in Central New Jersey, East Brunswick Township is situated midway between the cultural beacons of New York City and Philadelphia. Its location makes for an ideal metropolitan area living and commuting experience for its 55,181 residents, as of the 2010 census. East Brunswick’s public schools are annually touted among the best of the nation, with several schools winning the coveted Blue Ribbon for excellence. Easily accessible by the New Jersey Turnpike, the township also boasts an award-winning public library that is consistently the single busiest municipal library in the state, well-kept homes with ever-rising property values, and amenities galore including numerous quality shopping plazas along its main commercial thoroughfare, Route 18.

East Brunswick Elected Officials

Your elected officials: from local township mayor and council members to state and county represetatives to your elected officials in Washington D.C.

East Brunswick Government

The township is managed under a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor is the chief executive of the community who is elected for a four year term at the regular Presidential election in November and serves part-time. While the Mayor does not preside over, nor have a vote on the Council, he or she may vote in case of a tie on the question of filling a Council vacancy. The Mayor also has veto power over ordinances, but his vetoes can be overridden by a vote of two-thirds of the Council.

East Brunswick Historical Resources

A pathfinder for finding resources on East Brunswick history prepared by librarian Martha Hess.

Historic Information - East Brunswick Victims of September 11,2001 Terrorist Attacks.

Siew-Nya Ang

Susan Blair

Paul W. Innella

Hweidar Jian Alan

David Kleinberg

Stuart Louis

Suzanne Passaro

Kenneth W. VanAuken

Historic Information -- East Brunswick Population Figures

US Census Population Figures and Estimated Figures between the Decennial Census.

1860 Census 2436 residents

1900 Census 2423 residents

1930 Census 2711 residents

1940 Census 3706 residents

1950 Census 5699 residents

1960 Census 19965 residents

1970 Census 34166 residents

1980 Census 37711 residents

1990 Census 43548 residents

2000 Census 46756 residents

2010 Census 47512 residents

Historic Information -- East Brunswick Mayors/Chairmen

East Brunswick Township was incorporated in 1860. The head of East Brunswick government was the Chairman of the Township Committee from 1860 -1964. From 1954 on, he was called the mayor, but the office was not directly elected until 1964.

Historic Information -- East Brunswick Soldiers Killed in Action

A listing of some of East Brunswick residents who served in the Armed Forces.

Local Information

Links to local organizations, police, township, schools and more...

Local Media

News sources that serve East Brunswick.

Quick Facts About East Brunswick

Latitute 40 degrees 24.273 min North
Longitude 74 degrees 25.516 min West
Elevation varies from 10 -150 ft above sea level and averages 124.521 ft. above sea level.
Miles from the equator - 2,760
Area - 21.5 square miles
East Brunswick lies within the inner coastal plain.
Highest Point - Sand Hills, So. Brunswick 235 ft. (Source - Middlesex County Planning Board 8/92)
Climate: Average Temperature - 52.9 degrees F.
Average rainfall - 45.5 inches
Water:Grains of hardness 50 parts/million. East Brunswick has soft water because it's surface water, not well water.
Fluoride content: 1:00 ppm (parts per million)