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Best of the Web

Basic Info - College Listings

Campus Tours

Take a virtual tour of your selected schools at this easy to use web site

College Navigator from the IES

College Navigator from the IES (Institute of Education Sciences) is your direct link to nearly 7,000 colleges and universities in the United States. If you are not sure what colleges might be of interest, there are tools to help you search for a college. You can search for a college based on its location, program, or degree offerings either alone or in combination.

College NET

This website allows students to search for colleges and the results take you directly to the college web site.

College View

This site features extensive multimedia virtual tours of colleges and universities. It offers an extensive college information database (of over 3800 schools) for which you can conduct a customized search, a scholarship search center, a test prep center, a financial aid office an much more.

Peterson's Education Center

Peterson's, one of the leading publishers of educational materials, publishes this site to search for education resources at any level from private schools to camps to graduate level education. Search for information on an institution, apply on-line, develop a personal profile for determining which institution best suites your needs, get financial aid information and more.

Princeton Review

The Princeton Review began offering SAT preparation for college bound students over 20 years ago. Services have greatly expanded over the years. Users can search for schools, get test prep advice, apply to college online, and access college selection tools and more all at one convenient site.