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Better Business Bureau

The umbrella organization for a network of about 145 Better Business Bureaus that extend over most of the United States and have a partnering system in Canada. These provide business reliability reports, dispute resolution, and more.

Consumer Sentinel

From the Federal Trade Commission, this site has information on consumer fraud and a facility for reporting fraud complaints.

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

Extremely helpful web site with information on ticket scalping, recalls, legalized games of chance, alternative dispute resolution, New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act, and more.

Online Licensee Directory

Lists licensed professionals in New Jersey from approximately 50 occupations and gives information on their status and any action pending against them.


Use this free site to send complaints to over 20,000 companies. You can also be a better informed consumer before purchasing by reading about the experiences of others when you click on industry or companies. You may also send compliments, suggestions, or even questioning letters. Take note when making judgments, that more people will tend to complain than write in compliments.