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Continuing Education

Distance and Education Training Council Online

For distance education programs, the Distance and Education Training Council is THE accrediting and standard setting agency. In this Web site, the Council publishes an online directory of correspondence/home study programs with participating, accredited institutions, complete with Web links when available.

Literacy NJ

Use this site to find free tutoring services locally. It contains Information for Prospective Learners. Find out how to obtain help in learning to read, write and speak English proficiently.

Mind Edge

Another excellent site for distance education, you can search by subject, course, and provider, as well as by type of instructional program such as conference, seminar, lecture, local college course, online college course, online course, CD, degreed and more. The search results page lists a brief sketch of the provider, including any accrediting agencies, as well as ratings of the instructor, along with any other courses he/she has taught, and the option of email notification for when the course will next be offered, if it is currently closed.

Virtual University

VU has been hosting free distance learning programs on the Internet since 1981. Simply fill out the subscription form located in the main menu to receive the free newsletter of upcoming classes and enroll. Classes are open to anyone and there is a $15 registration fee per term. Participants can take up to three courses at a time.