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City and Destination Guides


This site profiles 1000 cities in the United States. It collect statistics on 30 categories of information including housing, costs of living, crime, education, economy, health and climate. Choose your vacation, relocation or business site using the data mentioned above which is updated continually from sources like the Census Bureau, the FBI, and more.


This site is one of the major players in the big commercial city guides that are available on the web. It covers more than 100 cities in a standardized format, including a number of international cities. The guide usually maintains a staff of local editors, critics and writers in each city who are responsible for the content. It includes links to the arts, entertainment, attractions, bars and nightline, restaurants, movies, sports and more. It is extremely user friendly and because it is usually maintained by locals, is written by people who are in the know about an area. They have visited the bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. and can give personal feedback. Since it is a joint venture with Ticketron, it provides plenty of links to buying tickets to any attraction or performance online.

Time Out

This is the most internationally focused and smallest of the city guides, covering only about 30+ cities. Each city guide is divided into sections: Living Guide, Accommodation, Sightseeing, Essential Information, Entertainment, Eating and Drinking, Shopping, Kids, Gay and Lesbian, and City links. It's in a standardized format, once again, is easy to navigate.