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Travel Discounters

Best fares

This site is a subscription service. You must spend $60.00 to sign up to receive their newsletter. Once you are a member, then you can participate in the deals online.

Cheap tickets

This is another full service site for inexpensive travel. Although it emphasizes its discount airfare (more than 500,000 non-published discount airfares offered on over 35 airlines), it also aids in finding discounts on rental cars, hotels and cruises. You must create a user profile to participate.


This Seattle-based site offers deals on last minute vacation packages mostly in Europe and some in South America. Its primary focus is one last minute arrangements, however there are numerous specials that offer deals on travel packages up to six months in advance.

Last Minute Travel

This site does not function as an online travel agency but rather as a central clearinghouse for last minute travel bargains. Consumers search the site for last minute bargains that are added to the site by the travel and entertainment providers on a continual basis. Then, following the instructions in the offer, it hooks the traveler up directly with the provider to book directly. Search by geographic location, for offers, by type of bargain (airline, car rental, lodging, cruises) and more.

Lowest fare

Lowestfare.com is a leading full-service provider of bargains and options in the airline ticketing, car/hotel reservations, cruises, and tour programs in a secured online environment. Lowestfare.com sells discounted tickets and published fares on all major airlines and provides reservations for hotels, car rentals, and discounted cruise and tour packages. It allows you to check flight availability and prices without logging in. You only need to access your member account at time of purchase.

One Travel

One travel is a travel discounter that was rated "Best Bargain Booker" in the June 2000 Yahoo Internet Life. It offers a traveler's Advisor's corner with links to Airline News, Airline Info, Rules of the Air, Ask the Experts, and White Label Fares. It also has a travelers' service area for bargain hunting. Check out their discounts through Farebeater and White Label searches for airlines, Hotel Wiz for your accommodations, and Car Wiz to select your rental car. As with most sites, you must create a user account in order to make your reservations online.


This is a bidding service to secure discount airfare, hotel and car reservations. Priceline operates on the premise that there are huge numbers of airline seats that are unfilled daily and, in conjunction with the airlines, they are attempting to market them . It works in the following manner. Travelers bid on seats. If your bid is accepted, you must accept their travel times on your travel dates. You cannot choose an airline, get frequent flier miles, or change your tickets in any way. In order for you to get the best deal and if you can live with Priceline's restrictions, you must know prior to bidding what is the best price is for your route. Then underbid by 20-30%. Best used for last minute travel.


This site is not an online travel agency. Its focus is on deals for the traveling consumer. It is known for its special fares and hottest deals from hundreds of travel companies. Click on to their homepage and search categories such as "Airline Sales," "Vacation Specials," "Lodging Specials," "Car Rental Specials," and "Cruise Sales."