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Financial Aid - Ins and Outs

CCS Financial Aid Profile

In addition the FAFSA, many colleges require that you fill out the CCS/Financial Aid Profile. Click here to fill out your form and submit it online.

College Savings Plan Network

The College Savings Plan Network's site introduces the user to the many innovative college savings programs designed by the various states to meet the needs of their citizens in preparing and saving for college. Click on the state link to see the programs that your state has initiated to help you meet this financial challenge.


This site is now much more than just a scholarship site. It endeavors to match student backgrounds with scholarship eligibility requirements, and all for free. The site has added an extensive directory of colleges with admissions, general and financial aid information. You need to create a customized profile in order to begin your financial aid search.

Federal Student Aid on the Web

The U.S. Department of Education's Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs are the largest source of student aid in America, providing nearly 70% of all student financial aid. The three most common types of aid are grants, loans, and work-study.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA

Fill out your application form online here and submit it.

Funding Your Education

(Financial aid from the US Department of Education) This page explains how to properly fill out the FAFSA form, the purpose of the questions, and also directs you to a link to fill out the form online. Especially useful are the FAQs for answering questions where your answer may be less definite.

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

NASFAA, an association of colleges, universities, career schools, and other institutions of continuing education and their financial aid professionals, focuses on student aid legislation and regulatory analysis. Use this site to keep abreast of government regulations regarding the financial aid.

NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority

A New Jersey government agency which provides information for residents on post-secondary educational opportunities and sources of financial assistance in New Jersey. Formerly known as New Jersey Office of Student Assistance (NJOSA), HESAA also guarantees federal student loans and provides state supplemental loans, grants and scholarships.


Another free online college scholarship search service and financial aid resource center. Students must create a detailed personal profile which the site database then matches up with available scholarships from over 600,000 awards, worth over 1.4 billion dollars.

The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid

One of the most comprehensive annotated collections of information about student financial aid on the web. It is one of the first places to start your financial aid search.

Title IV Codes

If your want your application information sent to school that you might attend, you have to enter the federal school codes on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Click here to find the right code for your college choices.