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General Resources


A portal for business information on the Web that functions as both a directory and a search engine with a focus that is exclusively business. It serves as a resource for finding information on industries, major players in the business world and products, as well as providing links to News and Jobs.

Mortgage Loan Amortization Schedule

This site creates an amortization schedule based on loan amount, interest rate, and the length of the loan. This is useful for mortgages or any type of loan.

National Federation of Independent Business

The NFIB is an advocacy group that represents the interests of small and independent businesses in the Washington DC and in the state capitals. Use the site to check on issues of interest and to see highlights of Congressional actions and more.


The Service Corps of Retired Executives is a non profit association of retired and working executives who donate their time and expertise to mentor and counsel small businessmen and women across the US and its territories. Use the site for help in seeking the assistance of the experienced.

US Chamber of Commerce

Business resources for members that they might not otherwise have ready access to. These include resources in the field of international marketing, on government regulations, small business aids, workforce issues, industry news and more.