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Historical Voting/Elections Information

Election Collection 2000

This collection was commissioned by the Library of Congress to archive digital materials covering the Election of 2000. It contains 800 gigabytes of data gathered from 8/1/200 to 1/21/2001, or archived copies of more than 1,000 election-related Web sites such as the candidates' Web sites, political party sites, and major news sites.

Electoral College

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) oversees the Electoral College. Their Web site includes statistics and summaries of the votes in the Electoral College for every presidential election since George Washington, including the 2000 election. It also features such sections as Procedural Guide to the Electoral College, Electoral College Calculator, and Relevant Provisions of the U.S. Constitution and Federal law.

U.S. Census Bureau, Voting and Registration

Information on reported voting and registration by various demographic and socioeconomic characteristics (race, Hispanic origin, gender, income, age, geographic location, educational attainment, employment status) is collected for the nation in November of congressional and presidential election years in the Current Population Survey (CPS). It includes reports on voting and registration statistics, plus projections for future elections.