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Auto Insurance

Everything you need to be an informed, smart auto insurance shopper from the State of New Jersey.

Best's Ratings Online

This site is from A.M. Best, the world's most authoritative source of insurance company ratings and information. The Best's Ratings are the industry's standard measure of insurer financial performance. Search their database of nearly 6,000 life/health, property/casualty, and international insurance companies. To see the financial rating you must sign up for the service (free).


Use this site to help you analyze and evaluate your health care provider - physician, hospital, health plan, or nursing home. The Denver-based company uses data from both governmental and private sources to compile its statistics to rate providers. The company eventually hopes to be able to include detailed information about sanctioned physicians. Search geographically, or by provider. The site is for consumers and professionals alike. Consumers will be able to order more detailed reports on providers for a fee.

insure.com - The Consumer Insurance Guide

A well recognized and awarded Web site containing everything you might conceivably want to know about all kinds of insurance. The site contains sections for consumers and professionals both and contains links to instant auto quotes, car crashes, a lawsuit library, insurance company guide and more.

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Consumer Menu

Find information and comparison shop for different types of insurance: auto, property/casualty, life/health, and homeowners.

Patient Advocate Foundation

This national nonprofit organizations acts as a liaison between patients and their insurers, employers and/or creditors to resolve insurance disputes and to insure that access to care is maintained. In addition, it mediates matters of job discrimination resulting from chronic illness and helps patients with debt crisis management resulting from extensive medical care.