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Recommended Search Engines

A Little Bit About How Search Engines Work:

These sites explain the way search engines work. Search engines generally are designed for the casual searcher, not the experienced researcher. They use Boolean searching techniques to some extent, but not the heavy-duty search techniques used in commercial databases such as Dialog or Lexis-Nexis or Medline. They also do not take advantage of the extensive classification system developed by librarians. Most helpful are these sites:


Content now from Yahoo. Especially known for its speed and image database.
Help using AllTheWeb.

Alta Vista

One of the older search engines, it offers some of the most full-featured searching options available. It offers Babel Fish, an Internet translation service.
Help searching Alta Vista. Will search maintaining capitalization if contained in quotes.


THE search engine with the largest database with the widest array of search features.


The granddaddy of subject directories and search engines. Has continuously reinvented itself to remain relevant and maintain its popularity. Ranks results by relevancy.
Help searching Yahoo.