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RV Guides

Adventure Caravans

If your idea of a great vacation includes touring the country in an RV, perhaps Adventure Caravans is for you. They arrange guided group motor home trips in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. As they put it these guided group tours "remove the uncertainties and stress of traveling in an unfamiliar area." They make the reservations for everything, including RV parks, meals, guided tours and sightseeing excursions. In addition to a "Wagonmaster, who leads the tour, there is also a Tailgunner, who brings up the rear to provide assistance and roadside aid, if necessary.

Good Sam Caradventures

The Good Sam Club is billed as the world's largest club for RV owners. Join for a $25 annual fee and a free subscription to Highways Magazine. It lists "Samborees," local and national events that bring together thousands of RVers, as well as organized tours called Caraventures, which let you join others on tours and cruises in Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Tracks to Adventure

This RV tour company offers tours in Africa, Europe, US, Canada, Mexico with 29 different tours and 45 departure dates annually. Join an RV caravan here so you don't have to spend hours looking for a good campsite, or deal with making advance reservations with limited information, or worry about breakdowns on the road, and in order to be free to concentrate on the pleasures of the trip.

Woodall's World of Travel

Publisher of an annual campground directory for campers and RVers since 1935, Woodall's now makes this information available online. You may search their campground directory, find out where to buy a rig, where to get repairs, and where to rent. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page to the On the Road link to see their tour dates for 2002. The site has a very extensive listing of links for the RV traveler.