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Register for Computer Classes at The Library!

Register for Computer Classes at The Library!
Classes to be offered include Basic Computer Skills, Microsoft Office Suite and Internet Navigation
Registrations are now being accepted for computer training classes to be held at the Library’s newly renovated Training Center. Classes are 2 hours in length and are limited to 12 students per class.

The Library offers a full array of hands-on basic skills computer training classes, including: 

  • PC Literacy for students who have little or no computer experience
  •  Introduction to the Microsoft Office suite of programs (MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). 
  • 2 part introduction to email using free web-based email accounts (Yahoo), 
  • 3 levels of introductory Internet training (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)
  • Specialized Internet searching classes on topics such as travel and genealogy 

Basic computer classes are offered on a regular monthly schedule, posted by the 15th of the prior month. Specialized training classes are offered intermittently throughout the year. Please check the library calendar for the most up-to-date class schedules.
The Library is also an accredited Professional Development Provider. Teachers and school librarians who need continuing education credits may receive a 2-credit certificate for any class taken.
Registration is required for all classes. Classes are free to Library cardholders and $10 to non-cardholders, payable at the time of registration. Our cancellation policy is strictly enforced and requires registrants who cannot attend to call the information desk at 732-390-6767 or cancel online at least 24 hours in advance of class. Cardholders who fail to do so will have a $5 fee charged to their library accounts and non-cardholders will forfeit their $10 registration fee.
For more information or to register for a class, please call 732-390-6767 or visit the Information desk in The Library.  Click the Sign Me Up link on each class description page in the library calendar to register online if you are a cardholder.