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The Zero: a Novel

by Jess Walter
ISBN: 0060898658
"From its opening pages - when hero cop Brian Remy wakes up to find he's shot himself in the head - novelist Jess Walter takes us on a harrowing tour of a city and a country shuddering through the aftershocks of a devastating terrorist attack. As the smoke slowly clears, Remy finds that his memory is skipping, lurching between moments of lucidity and days when he doesn't seem to be living his own life at all. The landscape around him is at once fractured and oddly familiar: a world dominated by a Machiavellian mayor known as "The Boss," and peopled by gawking celebrities, anguished policemen peddling First Responder cereal, and pink real estate divas hyping the spoils of tragedy. Remy himself has a new girlfriend he doesn't know, a son who pretends he's dead, and an unsettling new job chasing a trail of paper scraps for a shadowy intelligence agency known as the Department of Documentation.

Whether that trail will lead Remy to an elusive terror cell - or send him circling back to himself - is only one of the questions posed by this provocative yet deeply human novel."--BOOK JACKET.


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Angel’s Rest

by Charles Davis
ISBN: 0778323048
"In 1967, a shotgun blast kills Charlie's father and puts his mother on trial for murder. When Hollis Thrasher, a reclusive Korean War veteran, is linked to his father's death, Charlie embarks on a dangerous midnight journey pitting him against his darkest fears." Syndetics content Read more...

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Crisis, Pursued by Disaster, Followed Closely by Catastrophe: A Memoir of Life on the Run

by Mike O’Connor
ISBN: 0375504796
A journalist recounts his turbulent childhood and the upheaval that forced his parents to repeatedly uproot the family and flee without explanation, and discusses how, after his parents' deaths, he used his skills as an investigative reporter to uncover the truth about his past. Read more...

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Here if You Need Me

By Kate Braestrup
ISBN: 0316066303
The author documents her decision to pursue her husband's ambition to become a minister after his tragic accidental death, describing how she eventually became a spiritual counselor for families with missing loved ones during search-and-rescue missions. Read more...

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