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Sarah’s Key

By Tatiana deRosnay
ISBN: 0312370830
On the anniversary of the roundup of Jews by the French police in Paris, Julia is asked to write an article on this dark episode and embarks on an investigation that leads her to long-hidden family secrets and to the ordeal of Sarah. Read more...

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Heartbreak Hotel

by Anne Rivers Siddons
ISBN: 1416553509
The coming of age of a young Southern woman during the Civil Rights era. Read more...

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The Late Bloomer’s Revolution: A Memoir

By Amy Cohen
ISBN: 1401300022
A former sitcom writer describes her hapless ongoing quest for a life purpose and satisfaction, from an endless search for love and her evolving relationship with her widowed father to the unintentional lessons she has learned while stumbling through life. Read more...

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Billy Boyle: A World War II Mystery

James R. Benn
ISBN: 1569474338
Billy Boyle, a young Irish-American cop from Boston has just made detective - with a little help from his cop relatives and friends - when World War II breaks out. His rabidly anti-English family calls on his mother's distant cousin, Mamie, married to a general, to wangle a staff job for him far from the fighting. But instead of a "safe, cushy" stateside assignment, he is ordered to London, still undergoing the Blitz. His "Uncle Ike" is Dwight D. Eisenhower, plucked from obscurity to command Army forces in Europe, and he wants Billy to be his personal investigator.""A theft and two murders test Billy's investigative powers, as he comes to grips with the deadly demands of a war he never wanted any part of. To his own surprise - and that of others - Billy proves to be a better detective than any one expected."--BOOK JACKET. Read more...

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