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Halsey’s Typhoon: The True Story of a Fighting Admiral, an Epic Storm, and an Untold Rescue

by Bob Drury and Tom Calvin
ISBN: 9780871139481
In December 1944, America's most popular and colorful naval hero, Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, unwittingly sailed his undefeated Pacific Fleet into the teeth of a powerful typhoon. Three destroyers were capsized, sending hundreds of sailors and officers into the raging, shark-infested waters. Over the next sixty hours, small bands of survivors fought seventy-foot waves, exhaustion, and dehydration to await rescue at the hands of the courageous Lt. Com. Henry Lee Plage, who, defying orders, sailed his tiny destroyer escort USS Tabberer through 150-mph winds to reach the lost men. Thanks to documents that have been declassified after sixty years and dozens of first-hand accounts from survivors--including former President Gerald Ford--one of the greatest World War II stories, and a riveting tale of survival at sea, can finally be told.--From publisher description. Read more...

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And Murder for Dessert

by Kathleen Delaney
ISBN: 9781590584231
Murder and mayhem in the California wine country.

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The End of the Alphabet

by C.S. Richardson
ISBN: 9780778324201
Reeling from the news that his doctor is giving him only one month to live, fifty-year-old Ambrose Zephyr and his loving wife, Zipper, embark on a whirlwind tour from A to Z of all the places he has ever loved or has ever wanted to visit. Read more...

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Soul Catcher

by Michael C. White
ISBN: 9780061340727
Struggling to forget a war-marked past and a future compromised by poor choices and debt, slave tracker Augustus Cain is hired by a plantation owner to retrieve a runaway slave named Rosetta. Read more...

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The Reincarnationist

by M.J. Rose
ISBN : 9780778324201
After surviving a bombing in Rome, photojournalist Josh Ryder is plagued by strange memories from an ancient time that instruct him to save a woman named Sabina and, desperate for answers, he consults an expert on past life experiences. Read more...

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