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Meeting Room Use Application

Meeting Room Application

Meeting room requests will not be accepted during our renovation period, Thursday, August 10 through Friday, September 1. The library building will be closed. Please submit your request on or after September 5. Thank you for your patience.
Name of Organization or Group :
Type of Organization:

Private Organziation/Business

Applicant's Name :

Daytime Phone#:


Applicant's Address :

Meeting Date(s) Requested (Give Actual Dates) :
Estimated Attendance:
Meeting Time:

Meeting Starts at (eg 1pm):

Meeting Ends At

Type of Meeting (film, lecture, discussion, etc.)

Check here if you:  

are a disability group (and indicate on line below set up you will need).

need assistive listening equipment set up
How many receivers?

need a TV/VCR/DVD.  
need a microphone (must have ALL three rooms to utilize sound system.)  
need a podium.  
Number of Tables Needed: 

The library does not offer LCD Projector rental.

Set-Up # (additional fee $20.00 per meeting)

Please Note:  
  • SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED in any area of The Library, including the meeting rooms.
  • Groups using the meeting rooms are NOT TO USE THE STAFF ENTRANCE of 
    The Library under any circumstances.
  • Library staff are unable to deliver TELEPHONE CALLS AND MESSAGES to 
    individuals using the meeting rooms.
  • In the event of a CANCELLATION, PLEASE EMAIL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at admin@ebpl.org,  so that we may make the room available to others.
  • Organizations utilizing the meeting rooms are considered a public accommodation 
    under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and are therefore responsible for 
    providing auxiliary aids and services in compliance with the ADA.

I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE MEETING ROOM POLICY AND REGULATIONS and accept full responsibility for compliance with all the rules and conditions set therein.