Stalking Jack the Ripper

 The start of Stalking Jack the Ripper is executed wonderfully. The author, Kerri Maniscalco, sets up an interesting twist on the true story of Jack the Ripper. Where a girl, remember this book takes place in the Victorian Ttme period, is studying death and autopsy. The second and third acts is where it falls apart. The second act doesn’t deteriorate in quality as much as the third, however we can now see some flaws in the Maniscalco writing style. In the character building it is more show than tell especially in the character Thomas. She tells us that he can be cold one minute and charming the next. Maniscalco’s description of the character and his actions doesn't sell you on what she has told you. The third act is where this house of cards falls down. There might be spoilers in this part but the short version is that the main character's beliefs change almost randomly and the ending uses a deus ex machina. One of the biggest clue for the main characters is  WHAT A PSYCHIC TOLD THEM. This breaks the beliefs of the main character who only believes in science and uses a flimsy excuse to justify believing in what the psychic said has said. The biggest flaw is the twist. In a good twist you can see it coming. In this one the author just chooses the twist with the most shock value. Overall, this book is a 2.8/5 due to a stronger beginning and a lackluster ending.

Reviewed by: Arjun D.

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