Remember to Forget

Review # 1

The story takes place in modern time, it starts off in Australia but shortly after the reader is introduced to the character, the plot shifts and the character moves to Maine in America. This book is an easy read that is both entertaining and fun. The main character of the book is a 17 year old boy who lost his girlfriend due to a car crash, and is very emotionally vulnerable. About a week after the car crash Levi stopped speaking to anyone. As a result, Levi sees many psychologists and even stays in a mental hospital,but nothing helps until he meets a girl, Delilah who happens to be the spitting image of Delia his dead girlfriend . The  book showcases how the main character Levi deals with his grief and makes new friends along the way. The transition between Australia to America is hard, and the author does a great job showing that through Levi’s friends. However, this book does not do a great job in catching your attention. The book falls into somewhat of a pattern between Levi and the main characters. This book is predictable but the reader will still want to read to see what happens. Inspite of it being so repetitive this book is full of cute fun. It is a fun read so if you like chick flicks, then this book is for you.

Review by: Sarisha J.


Review #2:

5 stars

Remember to Forget is an amazing book that shows a person trying to overcome his grief and depression. The way the author describes the feeling of having a mental illness really puts you in that character's shoes. It's even more amazing when you find out that a mere high schooler created this masterpiece.

Review by: Belinda Z.


Review # 3

In Ashley Royer's Remember to Forget, the main character, Levi, is a 17 year old who has just lost the love of his life. Because of this tragic event, he emotionally shuts down and starts to disassociate himself from society by not talking at all. His mom forces him to move from Australia to Maine where he meets new friends, new surroundings, and most of all, a new girl; Delilah. In Levi's eyes, Delilah is merely a reflection of his dead girlfriend Delia. The novel goes through Levi's journey to overcome emotional instability. Though the plot is interesting, the book is very cliche and predictable. The writing is also not the best, because the author wrote very short sentences and often used very generic wording. It's a nice chick flick and fanfic but it is a wattpad book, and in my opinion, it would be better if people just read the story online instead of having the library buy a copy. 

Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Myera M.

Review # 4:
"Remember to Forget" combines the elements of a classic Wattpad story and a professional coming of age novel to create something truly beautiful. Levi, after losing the girl he loves most suddenly, hits his lowest point and becomes a mute, grieving everyday. His life is turned upside down when he’s forced to move to Maine and ends up meeting a girl that reminds him too much of the one he lost. It’s quite moving to see how the circumstances can change Levi for the better, and gives a message of hope to the readers. I would give it 5 stars, but not just because of the plot or how well written it is. This book made me really think, as the thoughts and doubts going through Levi’s head are relatable to anyone who has experienced loss.

Review by Celina S.


A seventeen year old boy named Levi, just lost his girlfriend in a car accident in Australia. He had to deal with his depression for getting over the death of his girlfriend, Delia. Only a year ago Delia died and, Levi is unsociable and refuses to talk to anyone at all since the death of Delia occurred. His mother sent him to multiple therapists and moved him to Australia where is father lives for another therapist. He had a hard time getting along with new friends even though they never gave up in being nice to him and understanding the condition he is in. This story has romance, friendship, loss, and realistic fiction. It's amazing what a few friends can do to help overcome other friends problems.

   However, I didn't dislike anything in this story. It's interesting to learn about people who dealt with depression and how they occur. This book is fun to read for ages 10 and up.


 Rating: 5/5

Review by: Meghana S

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