The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

Janet Fox establishes a strong atmosphere right from the beginning of the novel. The novel picks up quickly as the main plot comes into play, creating a sense of suspense. Events happen one after another, and the main character continues to find herself in deeper trouble each time. The author gave subtle hints throughout the story to clue in the reader. The reader knows what the protagonist does not. I found it interesting how the author made use of chapters, separating the present from the past telling stories of who the antagonist was formerly. Overall the story was very well crafted and it is definitely worth a read.

5 stars.

Review by Ben W.


2.5/5 stars


The book is alright. The author tried to mix World War II and magic, which I feel like didn't mix well. However, I feel like this book would be a bit more popular among elementary schoolers.

Review by Belinda Z.

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