Life in a Fishbowl

Life in a Fishbowl:

4 star

This book is really intriguing and clearly resembles the title: Life in A Fishbowl. The family in this story are being strive of their privacy when a tv show producer finds out that their father has a strange tumor that is little by little killing him. The family, lives in a "fishbowl" where everybody is watching and seeing their every move. The main character Jackie with the help of her friends reveal the truth of living inside the house and the show is shut down, but with the loss of their father. I believe that this book is a realistic play on many television shows that feature characters and the tough behind the scenes they have to go through. The book was very interesting and I couldn't stop reading it till the end

Review by: Ray Z.

Life in a Fishbowl by
5/5 rating
By Sophie G.
Life in a fishbowl is a story that allows the reader to understand what living a confined life feels like. When Jackie Stone's father discovers that he will die from a brain tumor and leave his family destitute, he decides to sell his life on eBay. Once TV producer Ethan Overbeer hears of the auction, he comes to the Stone family with an interesting proposal: he would make a reality show revolving around the Stones and how their father and husband's inevitable death affects the family, in exchange for 5 million dollars. The Stones soon find themselves stripped of their privacy, as millions of families watch their struggles. The family is reduced to being trapped in a prison like animals in a zoo. Jackie learns that she must work together with not just her family, but her online friends to shut down Ethan's show. This book is nothing short of spectacular; it is written with a witty and sarcastic style that makes the reader laugh with every page. I couldn't put down this book, and I'm sure that many other readers will feel the same.


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