The Book Jumper

The Book Jumper by Mechthild Gläser

4/5 Stars


            Built on the premise of people able to enter the worlds of other books, The Book Jumper uses the rich variety of characters and backgrounds of the classics to enrich its own plot. The book doesn’t start off with a bang, but instead uses the first couple of chapters to introduce the area (which barely gets any attention once the book locations come up) and the characters (most of whom aren’t as important as the literary characters). On the same note, the action slowly escalates, with the main character first starting with journeying about books and enjoying her time there at the beginning and later becoming involved in a massive mess in the book world. For most of the book, the reader is left in suspense, as there is always the question of who is the person behind all the nefarious acts that are being committed. It is only at the end when it is finally revealed, leading to a dramatic showdown with the villain behind the scenes. A lot of the time, many parallels will be drawn between The Book Jumper and other books, but that’s unavoidable, considering that many books are directly referenced and brought up. Yet that doesn’t account for the clichés found in the book, such as the intriguing male character on the other side who (spoiler alert) becomes the love interest, in the vein of Romeo & Juliet. Overall, The Book Jumper is an interesting read that uses famous books to boost its plot.

Reviewed by Lucas H.


2/5 rating
The Book Jumper by Mechthild Glaser is a mystery and fantasy novel about people who have to ability to enter a book's world.The idea was very exciting to me because as someone who enjoys reading, I've always wondered about what it would be like to be able to interact with my favorite book characters. But, I was left disappointed after reading this. I felt that some ideas were not developed and explained fully, and I did not like the ending. All in all, the book was imaginative and appealing, but I didn't enjoy it that much because it made me feel frustrated at times. Hence, I gave this book a 2/5 rating.

Review by Sophie G.
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