The Devil's Banshee

What happens when you kind of take a Viking Prince from the 10th century, a woman who died from the devastating and horrendous, Great Fire of London of 1666, and two recently deceased teenagers from around our era, who go on a journey through the nine circles of hell in hell itself in order to basically find the devil's wife and banshee and try to make it on piece? Well, it's something that can't really kind of be described so easily, which particularly is fairly significant. Each character definitely has a sort of unique and different personality, or so they do for all intents and purposes. ‘The Devil's Banshee’ also has comedy in most of its section. In short, each character specifically has a really unique and different personality in a big way. They all have their own form of comedy as well, from snarky little puns to insidious and really dark humor. This may appease some readers, but not all. Showing how well, ‘The Devils Banshee’ is something that can't really generally be loved so easily, sort of contrary to popular belief. The characters for the most part are interesting and unique, the action for all intents and purposes is definitely fast paced and enjoyable, the adventure literally is really nonstop and endless, and the humor is kind of good for some readers. This book is not for everyone, but if this kind of stuff is your thing, I see no reason why you wouldn't enjoy it.

Review by Pavel G.

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