10 Things I Can See From Here

Carrie Mac's 10 Things I Can See From Here is a charming novel about the amplified struggles of a girl named Maeve who deals with anxiety disorder. Her father, a retired famous musician and a recently sober drug and alcohol addict, invites her to stay with him and his pregnant wife, Claire, while Maeve's mom is away in Haiti. Maeve reluctantly agrees to this plan and is sent to Canada to stay with her dad. While she is there, things begin to spiral out of control for her father. She finds out that he has been drinking again. He begins to come home at increasingly late times in the middle of the night. On one such night, Maeve runs upstairs out of her basement retreat, desperate to uncover the truth/the reason behind her dad's outbreak. She finds him leaning over, doing drugs. She is heartbroken and begins to cry. As someone with anxiety disorder, Maeve begins to worry about everything that could happen from this point onward- her dad could be fired from work, his family out on the streets and her dad still using. Her only distraction from her familial problems is Salix, who becomes Maeve's "rock" and source of comfort. The two develop a strong bond that withstands the tests of her family and mental health. At the end of the novel, Maeve helps deliver her stepmother baby, when Claire goes into labor in the middle of a lake park. Her ability to help Claire in this moment without full-on panicking proves a change in her personality. In comparison with her character at the beginning of the novel, it is clear that Maeve developed past her disorder and became more confident in who she was. It was a relatively slow novel at first, but it developed into a well-written realistic teen novel that was enjoyable. Overall, a great piece of literature that teens will appreciate. 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Review by: Amasha J.

The story follows the life of Maeve Glover as she stays in Vancouver for six months. Maeve suffers from a severe case of anxiety. In my opinion, the book did an excellent job depicting the depth of Maeve’s anxiety. Throughout the book, you can see her grow as a person and try to cope with her pain and I think the character development was beautiful. In Vancouver, she stayed with her dad and her step family. Her unique family added some quality moments to the book. Her stepmother, Claire, was an amazing woman and I loved how open and caring she was towards Maeve. She was always a positive person despite being in her late months of pregnancy. Her father had an issue with alcohol in the past but recovered and stayed sober for five years. However, in the duration of Maeve’s stay, he had returned back to his old habits. I believe the issue of his bad drinking habits was not addressed effectively. He needed professional help and I would have liked to seen that happen. Furthermore, Salix was Maeve’s girlfriend and I really liked their relationship. I loved how outgoing and adventurous Salix was. She was exactly what Maeve needed. She never tried to change Maeve or try to solve her anxiety issue but instead was there as a supportive figure and helped her grow and blossom. Overall, the book was a pleasant read with some aspects that left me wanting for more.

Review by Layiba C.


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