The Cruelty

The Cruelty by Scott Bergstrom

4/5 Stars


If I were to describe this book in 3 words, it would be thus: edgy spy book. However, this book isn’t edgy in the sense that there’s a lot of suspense, but in that there are many controversial topics hidden within. In contrast with other spy novels that might have the characters sneaking through populated cities, doing cool spy-y stuff with cool spy tools, there are no such things here. Instead of being semi-science fiction like some spy books, this one is realistic fiction- it does its best to present the problems of the world, since the main character isn’t using cool tools to solve all her problems, but is an ordinary girl with only some martial arts training. She wanders through the slums of cities, finding the people who are forced to do unscrupulous things to survive. This is no hero book- rather it is the journey of a girl who is forced to give up her innocence to rescue her father. Untrusting of the government, which promised to rescue her father, she takes it into her own hands, but she has no idea of the journey that she’s getting into. If you want to read a spy book about a cool hero uses his smarts and skills to solve all his problems in the populated cities, this isn’t for you. Rather, this is for those who want to read a spy book about things that seem more realistic- about living in the slums and what happens there. There are no rainbow and unicorns here, but what would you expect from a book called The Cruelty?

Review by Lucas H.

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