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3.5/5 Stars

The story of Dylan and Arden, two internet friends that go on a real life quest, is one that has been told before-by other young adult authors. It is a tale of unlikely love and friendship that transcends economic barriers and familial expectations, a relatively overused concept. A story that centers on a cancer survivor who finds love, which, while interesting, is also very common. What makes Harrison's novel a standout is its focus on the video game World of War Craft, which readers that do not understand the game or are unfamiliar with will not like at first, despite Harrison's attempts to clarify the subject. The plot also moves rather slowly at first. The main character Dylan is written as this rebel by nature teenage boy, whose near death experience has fueled his fire, but as a character is not someone that most readers can relate to. By the end, the reader does develop an undeniable connection with the characters, specifically with Arden, who experiences conflict with her father but ultimately realizes that he loves her regardless of her flaws. The novel is however very real and unapologetically raw. There is no unrealistic happy ending or riding off into the sunset. Arden and Dylan do not end up together, but while they had each other, they both had fun- which is also realistic, as most teenage relationships do not result in happy endings.

Review by Amasha J.

This story is about Dilan. He's poor and has cancer and almost died and he is gay. While he was sick he escaped reality by playing World of Warcraft. In my opinion, the book is good for kids my age to read. It teaches you to learn to accept others. Dylan played with Aiden every night then he found out that she used to be a he and they ended up falling in love. Both have many similarities, like being raised by one parent and they both have no friends. I would say that this book teaches kids a valuable lesson.

Review by Billy H.


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