Revenge of the Star Survivors

3.5/5 Stars


            Revenge of the Star Survivors brings you back to an unfamiliar time period- back to a time when being a nerd was socially unacceptable, when bullies got away with their deeds because there were no fancy cameras to keep watch over a school’s population, and when computer glitches were prone to wiping a student’s entire record clean. There is no strict supervision or anti-bullying posters anywhere- the problem of bullying in this book is everywhere. At times, things in this book will make very little sense- for example, some characters make fun of the main character’s name- Clark- which makes no sense in this day and age- we would much rather spend time trying to figure out to spell someone’s complicated name than making fun of it. However, as interesting as it might be to illustrate life in school in the past, the format of the book is annoying. You’re reading the main character’s journal, and at times it’s really annoying to read it. The main character is a “Star Survivors” fan (Star Trek in disguise..?), and he loves to use all kinds of weird lingo, such as calling his hometown a ‘planet’ and his parents ‘commanders’. For me, that was one of the major turnoffs, not to mention how it was somewhat painful to read his experiences. As a whole, though, Revenge of the Star Survivors is an interesting book. Learning more about the past of school is always nice, especially when it’s hidden in a story with such an interesting cover as this one. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to at least pick the book up after seeing the cover?

Review by Lucas H.

This book had some really interesting characters, and a really nice plot.This books had some very precise detail, and my favorite character was definitely Clark.The books was about a boy named Clark, who searches for intelligent life in what he thinks is the most dangerous place of all:middle school.I would completely recommend this book, because it is very fast-paced, with a lot of action in it, and a lot of twists and turns.Readers would love Clark, who is a geek with reserves of strength , and his friends trying to avoid the forces arrayed against them.My favorite things in the book were the Starship Troopers references, the renegade librarian, and the secretly-nerdy cheerleader. I rate this book a 5 out of 5, and i hope many people enjoy, and read this book, even if your a non-nerd or geek.
Review by: Rohit N

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