City of Saints & Thieves

Anderson's novel is unlike anything I have ever read before. This is a story that educates readers about the violence and dangers of gang involvement, human trafficking, and dirty business deals. Most importantly, this novel educates readers on the power of family and shows how love knows no limits. Taking place is Africa, the story follows an incredible protagonist in her struggles to seek revenge. As a young girl, Tina is left living on the streets, with no one to turn to. Her mother was murdered inside the home of an affluent business man, Mr. Greyhill, who was her mother's employer and lover. Greyhill and Tina's mother had a daughter, Kiki, who is Tina's only family and whom Tina checks on frequently, whilst Kiki is in a convent school. Tina is convinced that Greyhill is her mother's killer. As member of an infamous African gang, the Goondas, Tina and her fellow gang members develop an intricate plan to execute the robbery of the Greyhill mansion- not of valuable items, but rather of computer files and hard drives, all proving Greyhill's corrupt business practices. What unfolds as a result of this mission is a journey that leaves readers on edge, waiting for answers and endlessly flipping pages. I simply could not put this novel down! I enjoyed it tremendously and would recommend it to any teen- even if this is not your genre, you will love it. Truly a wonderful work- it reminded me of why I love reading so much.

Review by Amasha J.

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