Forget Me Not

Terry's novel Forget Me Not centers on the story of a young girl, Callie, struggling to embrace herself and share her story. Callie's mom is constantly searching for a husband and every time she breaks up with a boyfriend, she picks everything up and moves herself and Callie to a new town. This is extremely tough for Callie, who has Tourettes syndrome. She hides her tics and compulsive activities when she's in school, wearing interesting clothing to distract others. At her new school, Callie is laughed and and bullied for her tics. However, she continues to withhold the truth. One of her peers, Jin, is tolerant of Callie's differences. As the student body president, he strives to be friends with everyone. As a popular kid, he does not want to stand up for Callie, out of fear of losing his friends. The two begin to form a friendship, one that Jin is at first unwilling to take public. Later, he realizes that having friends who belittle others to make themselves feel better is not worth letting Callie be made fun of. He stands up for her and eventually everyone stops being mean. The two form a close bond. Then- Callie finds out her mom got married, in Las Vegas, without telling her, to a guy Callie doesn't even know. Her mom tells her to pack her things- they're moving to Las Vegas, to live with her new stepdad. Callie is distraught by this news, as she can't imagine starting allover, when things are going so well. The friendship of Callie and Jin spans across the country and the two keep in touch frequently. Further, at Callie's new school she finally decides to share her story- her Tourettes- with her class. This signifies her self acceptance and her recognition of self worth. A great book- but i would recommend it more for a younger audience, as it was an extremely easy read for me.


4.5/5 stars

Review by Amasha J.



4/5 Stars

Ellie Terry's Forget Me Not is a novel about a seventh grade girl named Calliope June. Ever since her father passed away when she was a little girl her mother has struggled to maintain a stable relationship. And every time a relationship fails, they move to a different home in a different town in a completely different state. Every single time. What's worse is that Calliope's secret does not help her transition to her new life.

Something important that the reader learns early on in the book is that Calliope has a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary tics, vocalizations, and the compulsive utterance of obscenities. Ever since she was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome, she has struggled with her compulsive barges to itch and cough and croak, and it has singled her out amongst her peers. Forget Me Not is a book that not only touches the reader as they learn to empathize with Calliope and her difficulties in school, but it also educates them about people who have this disorder and how we can talk and interact with them. 


Reviewed by Rachel S. L.

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