The Sky Between You and Me

Personally, I don’t always favor this style of writing; however for this story and plot, I think I can make an exception. The book brings to light the thoughts and lifestyle of someone suffering a mental health condition, specifically anorexia. The story begins with a girl called Rae who is almost content wither her almost perfect life. It then spins out of control when a new girl, Kierra, unintentionally harms her beloved dog, Blue. Unable to fully accept Kierra’s apology, Rae is forced to see Kierra fit in with her friends more than she does, nearly pushing her out of the picture. Suddenly feeling the pressure of Nationals on her shoulders – especially since her deceased mother was once a champion – and her friends and family slipping away, Rae begins to succumb to skipping meals.

While reading the book, I felt either confused or that the story was beginning to really drag which brought a negative view to my finishing thoughts. When I finished, I did think it was a great book, but personally, I don't think I would one day pick up the book and start reading again. I would recommend this book to teenage readers interested in realistic fiction.

3.5/5 stars 

Review by: Joann L.

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