Hello, Universe

2/5 rating
Erin Entrada Kelly's novel Hello, Universe is a whimsical story about fate and friendship. The story revolves around how the lives of four friends unexpectedly intersect around a well. To me, this story didn't leave much of an impression; it wasn't  very funny or impacting, and I found the entire spiritual business ridiculous. The main conflict wasn't interesting either -- the boy is trapped and has to learn how to stand up for himself. In the end, I enjoyed the author's writing style, but this book's plot, characters, and resolution just wasn't my cup of tea.

Review by Sophie G.

I read the whole thing in one night! Not only is the story line adventurous and creative, but the characters are so relatable and unique at the same time. There are whimsical stories with in the book, and they all connect together beautifully to the grande finale! I enjoyed reading it from the different perspectives of the kids, as each chapter is written in the view of a different character. Hello, Universe incorporates important lessons on stereotypes, self image, and friendships. For tweens, this book will make you question things you'd never considered about yourself. It has so many important life lessons and intricate questions all hidden in this light hearted, descriptive adventure! Definitely worth a read, especially for tweens trying to piece their identity together.
Rating: 5 stars
Review by Juliana E.

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