Survivors Club: The True Story of a Very Young Prisoner of Auschwitz

4.5/5 Stars


Survivors Club is a Holocaust story, but one that differs from others due to the young age of the main character. Besides that, though, one of the best aspects of the book is how it’s interesting- unlike other books, Survivors Club is extremely compelling, despite being confusing at times. Intertwined stories and interesting plots all work together to create this great book. However, there truly isn’t much to distinguish it from other books- as with most Holocaust experience stories, you have the main character who lives despite all odds (of course, or otherwise how would they be able to tell their story?), and family members who are separated or otherwise reunite. However, where this book is different is that even while this typical narrative is presented, there is a side story- the cousin of the main character, who is left by her family as a young child. So, she is raised in an orphanage, unaware of her heritage as a Jew, for her parents are in hiding. These two stories combine to paint a picture of the Holocaust in the perspective of a Jew, if you aren’t already aware because of reading books like Night. As a whole, Survivors Club is yet another impressive Holocaust book- I personally enjoyed it more than Night, and the book’s many character combine to make the effects of the Holocaust on Jews even clearer.

Review by Lucas H.

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