After accidentally taking Talon's phone, she is forced to talk to him until she can get her own phone back. The two fall for each other, but after she finds out his true identity, Keeley has a hard time deciding what to do. This book has pretty good relationships; one based on romance and the other between Keeley and her twin brother. Though the relationship with Talon is cute and everything that embodies a romance novel, the writing and pace of the book ruins it. The book is written in a 3rd person POV, though it should have been written from Keeley's perspectives. The book is about her relationship and how she is affected by the numerous lies she has faced, so getting her first person POV on the issues would have been nice. Beyond this, the pace of the relationship and book in general is very fast. Within just a few weeks, Keeley falls in love and hangs out with Talon all the time. Though that may not seem like a problem to some, the lack of development of the characters due to the pace of the book, makes it very weak.

The biggest problem with this book is the drastic change from the Wattpad version to the published version. Whereas this version was fast paced, in a 3rd person POV, and under developed, the Wattpad book was anything but that. Having read both versions, I can say that "The Cell Phone Swap" is so much better than "Textrovert." The book is longer and more complex, allowing you to understand the characters and their conflicts even more. I'd definitely recommend reading "The Cell Phone Swap" but not the published version "Textrovert."  Rating: 2/5

Review by: Myera M

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