Just a Normal Tuesday

The main character, Kai Sheehan, experiences an unimaginable and unexpected loss when her older sister, Jen, commits suicide. Grieving for her best friend, Kai spirals out of control and nearly loses it all before her parents realize how much this is affecting their daughter. They decide to send Kai to a grief camp to help her deal with this tremendous loss that will stay with her forever. Resistant to go at first, Kai dismisses the camp but she finds hope, faith, and love that slowly help her learn how to live without her sister.

Kim Turrisi's Just a Normal Tuesday has become one of my favorite books. It captures loss, grief, acceptance, and all the ups and downs in life. The book will fly by and have you never wanting to put it down but, there will be just enough unanswered questions to make you speculate and reflect on the book. Turrisi makes it effortless to get emotionally invested in the book because she writes the emotions and thoughts of characters so well that it’s hard not to sympathize. Furthermore, the author includes realistic aspects that make it easy to relate and comprehend. Specifically, suicide and the raw details of what life can be like; insurmountable. In addition to that, the author captures an exceptional character development in Kai and the other characters that will truly inspire readers. Reading this book, it would nearly be impossible for readers not to take something away, seeing that it includes a journey filled with pain, hope, loss, and overcoming. I really recommend this book to people of all ages, especially teenagers. I have high hopes for this amazing and well-written book and I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Review by: Derna J

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