How To Say I Love You Out Loud

Ever since she moved to her new school, she's kept the truth about her brother hidden even from her closest friends. Though keeping this truth hidden allows Jordyn to live a "normal" life at Valley High, the consequences of it being revealed are overbearing.

In this book, you get to not only see a romance bloom but also a family dynamic as to how it is to deal with an autistic child. Based on personal experiences, the author did a very good job on portraying the importance and truth behind how difficult it can be to speak out for those who cannot do so for themselves. The message of this book is very deep and heart felt and inspires the reader to see the world with new eyes and a nee perspective. That being said, the romance portion of the book is very cliche and predictable (but still lovable). It's the classic "popular girl is dating my crush" plot line, but the generosity of the good guy manages to win your heart over. However, due to how cliche the plot line is, it's very easy to predict the ending of the book soon after you start reading it. Even if you aren't a die hard romance fan, I'd recommend reading this book solely just for the message on autism (though warning: romance over powers the autism plot line in this book).

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Myera M.

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