Forget Me Always

She has to cope with the after math of her injury, her mother's fragility, and most importantly, bad boy Jack Hunter. Jack Hunter, Isis's arch nemesis, but also her savior from the man who attacked her. For Isis, her relationship with Jack brings her happiness, but also questions about his past and his true life.

This book gives you the POV of Isis and Jake, allowing the reader to understand how each character feels and deals with their conflicts. This is the second book of the series, which I wasn't aware of, but was still able to read it without feeling like I was missing much. The writing of the book is pretty good and the conflict from the first book carries on to the second which ties the whole story together. However, additional conflicts are introduced in the second book which is great because it brings in all if the other characters in the book like Sophia, Wren, and Nameless. Due to the many conflicts though, it becomes easy at times to predict what is going to happen. For example, it was very easy for me to figure out the ending of the book and also the person behind the emails. All in all though, this book was good and definitely worth reading!

Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Myera M.


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