A great book, in my opinion. Hunter by Mercedes Lackey is a post-apocalyptic story told many centuries after the world of today was shattered by the Diseray, gateways from the Otherside opened, and monsters broke loose. The new world is portrayed in detail, from the viewpoints of the characters, with a unique plotline in which the people of Apex are more interested in having a false sense of security than actually being safe. Told from the perspective of Joyeaux Charmand, the niece of a powerful prefect in Apex City and a Hunter, trained in the arts of magic. A book for those that enjoy fantasy and science fiction, with action, conspiracies, and a sprinkling of romance. Each character is unique, and different from the others. The story has a fulfilling conclusion, but leaves plenty of questions for the sequel. Hunter hooks you in, and you always want to see what happens next.

Reviewed by Nickita Z.
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