Orphan Train Girl

This book is about a foster girl named Molly Ayer and how she made an unexpected bond with an elderly woman named Vivian. Molly stole a book from Vivian’s library and had to do community service. Molly had to clean out Vivian’s attic, and while cleaning they realized they had similar lives. We get two points of view in the book: Molly’s present story and Vivian’s flashback into the 1930’s. Like Molly, Vivian was an orphan who was forced to do labor. This is a true story.
                      This is a great book and I really enjoyed reading it. My favorite part about this book was the characters’ growth. For example, Molly changed her opinion about adults, and she learned a lot about Vivian. Vivian was also sympathetic toward Molly and came to care about her. I also liked the historical setting. Molly’s story was set in the present and Vivian's was set in the 1930’s Midwest. There was even a picture which made it even more real. The title was also interesting because Orphan Train Girl was Vivian and other orphans who were transported from one place to another on a train.
                       The only thing about this book that was confusing was the switch of narrators. When it first switched to Vivian's backstory, I had to look it up online to make sure I was understanding it. Aside from this I would rate this book 5/5 stars.

Review by Meghana S.
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